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6 Nov

10 Reasons Why Your Work BFF is an Absolute Angel


Every Boss Babe needs a work BFF. When you spend more time at work than at home, the sisterhood is real. They are there for you during all the highs and lows, and always by your side if you need a daily dose of work goss to get you through the working week. Check out PB’s guide to the 10 reasons why your work BFF is an absolute angel as we celebrate everything there is to love about our work wives. 

1)They know every inch of your wardrobe.


Within 0.5 seconds of walking in the office, your girl is declaring her undying love for your new jumpsuit. She knows every inch of your wardrobe… you can count on a compliment with every new purchase!

2)Nothing is TMI anymore.


When you eventually run out of acceptable conversation topics, your friendship will reach TMI level.

3)They are forced to listen to your rants.


Your rant will never be over with a work BFF. They can’t leave your side until 5pm which gives you plenty time to spill the tea!

4)Sometimes you don’t even need words.


After spending 40 hours a week together for the last 5 years, an expression is all you need.

5)Your Whatsapp chat is Lit, and absolutely a sackable offence.


The fun doesn’t stop after work hours. How else are you going to make the comments you had to hold back? This particular group chat needs secret service protection and that just makes your bestie bond all the more precious!

6)Between the two of you, there’s no office gossip since the history of time that you don’t know.


When you guys collab, your office intel is dangerous.

7)They have your coffee down to military precision.


Your coffee order becomes ‘the usual?’

8)They are your number 1 fan girl.


If you’re looking for a support system, look no further than your office BFF. This girl has your back when your manager doesn’t. Perhaps a little biased, but who cares?

9)They understand your work drama way better than your other friends.


After all, your boyfriend doesn’t know about Lucy and that one time at the Christmas party. There’s a kind of gossip that only she will understand.

10)Everyone knows you guys are kind of a package deal.


Its an unwritten rule in the office that others can’t gossip about your work BFF in front of you.

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PB Jess