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27 Dec

10 Things You’ll Definitely Have Done If You’re Always Cold


No matter how warm it is, there are always some people that are always freezing in winter. If their constant cries of “it’s freezing” doesn’t give it away, then the twenty layers of clothing and the need to be constantly close to the radiator are dead giveaways. We understand what it’s like to be a “cold person”, so we know you’ll definitely have done these things if that’s you too!

  1. You automatically ask to swap seats if you’re sat near the door in a restaurant



There’s no way we’re letting the cold draft ruin our chicken pita and creamy mash every time a customer comes in to be seated.

  1. Any winter social events must be 100% indoor


Ice skating? Not a chance. Mulled wine at an outdoor Christmas market? Hell no! Unless it’s Netflix and no chill in front of the fire we don’t want to know!

  1. You have a dedicated sofa blanket


As either the sofa or bed is where we spend the majority of our time, we’ve got a sofa blanket to keep us extra cosy. Don’t even think about asking us to share!

  1. Fleecy PJs go on the second you get in the house


When work is done, off come the sensible clothes, and on go our reindeer onesie, which is obviously fleeced lined. The fact that we’re 26 doesn’t matter; the snuggle is real.

  1. You dream of living somewhere hot half of the year


You’ve thought about buying a one-way ticket to Dubai about five times a day for six months. We just weren’t made for the British weather.

  1. You’ve definitely worn tights under your jeans before


When it comes to actually having to go outside, layering is our best friend. Tights under jeans is something we’d rather not admit to but definitely, do on a regular basis. Your secret is safe with us babe. Six jumpers is also a thing.

  1. There is a Starbucks permanently attached to your hand


We can’t actually think about drinking your Christmas edition salted caramel latte because it means it won’t act as a hand warmer any longer.

  1. You give death stares to non- cold people


We actually want to cry when the strange non-  old people want to turn the heat down in the office. We’ll keep it firing with all cylinders thanks, hun.

  1. Eating healthily just doesn’t happen


Imagine eating a salad on a freezing cold day? Don’t think so. All we want is comfort food, and we want it now.

  1. Boiling hot baths are your idea of the perfect night in


We really should be out on a Saturday night with the girls in an unreal mini dress, but the thought of flashing that much flesh in winter brings us out in a cold sweat. The perfect night-in to us in winter is soaking in a steaming hot bath with a bath bomb.

Love wrapping up warm in winter? We’ve got you’ve (literally) covered babe! Don’t miss our collection of coats and jackets, knitwear and boots. Now pass us a mug of hot chocolate and our hot water bottle, please…


PB Jess